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The Top 19 Reasons to Do Business with The Anderson Agency…

"I'm not afraid to ask questions or talk about if I'm getting the best rate, etc. The one claim I had went smoothly for me because I had help from people I knew at Anderson Agency." - Susan Thompson

"Shaun, you have a great group of people Janelle has been very helpful for questions or help that I have needed. Thanks for the great service everyone." - BroTan Mechanical Inc.

"The Anderson Agency has always given my small business quick and accurate solutions to all my insurance needs." - David Modrow Homes, Inc.

"Twenty five years of competitive rates that were flexible enough to grow with our family - first class service with every call." - Jeff Duerre

"We appreciate having insurance professionals on our side. A recent claim was handled with one call. That keeps us free to do what we do best. -Thanks" - Padgett Business Services

"Anytime we have had any questions the agency has been very helpful and friendly." - Rogness Service and Sales

"I can't say enough about Anderson Agency and its staff. They were there for us when we really needed it." - Missing Children MN

"The agency has always been very helpful to me, especially at those times when I goofed - Brenda has always come through for us in time of need. We continue to be most satisfied with the outstanding service given by the agency." - Virgil & Joel Burns

"Anderson Agency is 'one stop shopping' they can help with all types of insurance at the best price. We have Shaun as our rep and he's great!" - Green Mill Restaurant-Rosedale

"I don't feel like just another client with your agency-you take the time to chat with us and ask about our family-I'm confident you're looking out for us and we're getting the best value." - Frank & Susan Hernandez

"No matter what assistance I have needed, it is always handled promptly without endless amounts of paperwork, phone calls, etc." - Schneiberg Company

"Behind the scenes effort was accomplished efficiently & accurately. Inquiries made were promptly handled & return calls were timely made. All parties were personable & focused to get the job done."- Charles Hanson

"Such pain free claims service is wonderful-just like the Anderson Agency and it's great people!"- Rita Linde

"I am always surprised & delighted at the quick, efficient, & helpful service I get at the Anderson Agency. And when I have had a claim, no one has made me feel bad!"- Amanda Stanton-Geddes

"Anderson Agency has always been 'on the ball.' No question has been too small or too big for a courteous, knowledgeable response in a timely manner. I've considered checking out other companies but haven't because of the way I get treated."- Paulette Richter

"I've worked with other insurance agencies, but Anderson is more pleasant, knowledgeable, and quick to return calls. Thank you for such good service!" - Elaine Hallen, Spring Lake Park Fire Dept.

"I really like the people at the Anderson Agency, I just hate getting voice mail and not knowing who I'm supposed to call. The people are very courteous, claims are handled very efficiently. Shaun Irwin is the best!"- Batel Kidder

"I appreciate the help from the Anderson Agency staff. I've used your service since the 1950's!"- Audrey Hansen

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